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Do I need an asbestos register even though I do not have any asbestos in my building?

Yes! Every non-domestic premises built before 1999 are required to manage the potential risks from asbestos whether there is thought to be any present or not. Remember, materials must be strongly presumed to be ACM’s until proven otherwise. This can be achieved in 2 ways; either by knowing that the materials is wood, metal or glass so therefore cannot be asbestos, or, through bulk sampling & analysis.

Is an asbestos register required for Blocks of Flats, Social Housing, Churches and Village Halls.

The individual flats will not need an asbestos risk assessment but communal areas such as corridors, lifts, stairwells and waste disposal sections will, as do all public areas. This is because any member of the public has access to these areas, Subsequently could come into contact with ACM’s.

I lease the premises we occupy from a landlord. Who is responsible for putting the register in place?

The person who is responsible for the maintenance and the general up keep of the building is responsible for the asbestos register. Various situations can arise where by either a landlord or a tenant can be held responsible. In any situation where there is confusion it is advisable to contact your solicitor regarding the tenancy agreement. If in doubt contact ourselves for more advice or information.

I only own a small building with 5-6 employees, why do I need  an asbestos register?

It has already been mentioned that the register is in place to protect any person working in, or carrying out work on the building. The size of the building and number of employees is irrelevant because asbestos can be found in any building built before 1999.

I am carrying out a major refurbishment or demolition work.

All major and demolition work must have a Refurbishment/Demolition Survey carried out, prior to any work being started. To protect building workers, from harmful fibres.
  Asbestos surveying, removal and disposal services in Wiltshire Asbestos surveying, removal and disposal services for demolitions in Wiltshire
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